Friday, January 25, 2013

Spotlight on...Sunrise by Kody Boye

Synopsis: At sunrise, the dead began to walk the earth. 

Our days were numbered. 

The world was over. 

One month after the virus took over the United States of America and turned its inhabitants into ravenous, flesh-eating monsters, Dakota Travis and his friend Steve Earnest have been barely surviving. Hiding out in an abandoned apartment building, they struggle to live in a world where danger lies around every corner and is not limited to only the threat of the walking dead. Their latest supply run almost ended with their deaths. When a local gang violently uproots them from their shelter, there is little they can do but run. 

Their flight finds them sanctuary one town over in a converted insane-asylum with members of the United States military. While things should be safer, an underlying tension begins to rule their lives as Sergeant Armstrong, leader of the small unit, begins to succumb to insanity. Tension runs high within the asylum. When all that separates them from the undead is a chain-link fence, Dakota begins to wonder whether or not they might be safer outside, especially when his feelings for another man leave him an open target to the disaproving within their midst.

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