Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spotlight on...Zombie Author Christian Fletcher

Synopsis: “You know those times in your life when you think it can’t get any worse...and then does? Stuck in a dead end job you hate, dumped by your girlfriend and hanging around with a bunch of losers? I wanted to change my life but didn’t realize how quickly the ground shifted without me lifting a finger. The mutating flu virus took hold of the world so quickly that not even the best medical people could predict the scale of the deadly epidemic. I was stuck in the middle of the chaos, trying to reach the relative safe haven of a yacht in Battery Park Harbor, New York, with a former hit man, a junior doctor, two Goth girls and a minor criminal for company. Thousands of vicious, animated corpses stood between us and our route to safety.” 

Brett Wilde is a small town pessimist, wishing his life away in a dead end job in Pennsylvania, USA. He awakes one morning late for work and receives a phone call from a friend informing him the world has been gripped by an unknown, deadly virus. Wilde embarks on a journey with the help of a former hit man, two Goth girls and a minor criminal, trying to reach a yacht, occupied by his father in New York Harbor. 
The journey takes them on the hazardous route from Brynston, Pennsylvania, along the Interstate - 78 through New Jersey onto New York City.

Will Wilde and his party reach their destination unscathed?

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“Left Alone” is the sequel to the apocalyptic zombie novel “Leftovers.” 

Synopsis: “Six months had ticked by since the debacle of Manhattan. Three of us managed to escape the zombie infested city by the skin of our teeth. We sailed south on an old Coastguard boat, along the U.S. eastern coast, fruitlessly searching for a safe haven. Major cities were overrun, coastal towns were all but wiped out. The undead had taken over. 

Now, our sea-going vessel was in desperate need of repairs and we headed inland, up the mighty Mississippi River in Louisiana, in search of vital engine components. 

I didn’t know who I feared coming face to face with most; the hordes of hungry flesh eaters or the surviving, half-crazed human population.”

Brett Wilde, Smith, Batfish and the two dogs sail down south for the warmer climate to avoid the harsh northern winter. The old Coastguard boat is in dire need of an overhaul so they head inland, up the Mississippi River, searching for a marine workshop. They soon discover danger lurks from each side and every crook and bend of the river bank.

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