Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Short Summary

Hello all! Welcome, from The Death Spreading Production team.  We have come here in an effort to produce a script by Filmmaker Marc Indelicato. The script for Death Spreading is a passion project that Marc wrote six years ago.

This campaign is an attempt to raise as much as we can for the production of the film. After funds are raised through this campaign we will bring our project to investors in hopes to raise even more money to move into the production phase. We wish to begin shooting the film in July 2013.

Anything helps, even $1! A FOLLOW on Twitter, a LIKE on Facebook, spreading the word in any way. The story picks up 3 years into the lives of 12 survivors.  Having faced post-apocalyptic conditions and zombies for so long, tensions are running high.  Can they survive while keeping their personal lives, strife, angst, resentment and love at bay?

The group is led by Sarah, a beautiful young woman and Joe. an Iraqi war vet .  The two try to decide what is best for a group consisting of Nathan, (a lawyer) Jean (a nurse), John (a mechanic) and Ash (a bad-ass punk rock chick) just to name a few.  The story goes beyond the first initial reactions to a zombie apocalypse and deep into the psyche of a group of people constantly on the run for 3 years, with a few twists and turns along the way.


What We Need & What You Get

$110,000 is a lot of money! We realize this. But in all honesty, this is only the beginning. Once we reach our goal, we will need to bring our story to other investors to try to raise even more funds. If we fall short of any of our goals in raising additional funds after the campaign we promise to still try to bring you the best movie possible.

We will need money for many things in order to create the best production possible. Equipment costs and rentals are expensive and we are trying to use the best equipment available to us. Many productions at this level try to do a lot on a "favor" system, not paying people who work incredibly long and hard hours in a "run and gun" type way that skips over paying for permits and acquiring rights of usage. We will be paying all of our cast and crew salaries, and feeding them and trying to deliver industry standards to a Philadelphia/Local crew. Transportation costs will be high, both for vehicle rentals and for gas. Lodging, and travel costs as many of our locations will be "in the middle of nowhere", and of course: Make-up and Special Effects needs! A large portion of money raised will go to Make-up and Special Effects. This is a Zombie movie after all!

Please take a look at our perks section! Thanks credits, Death Spreading pins, posters, t shirts, blu-rays, digital copies, producer credits, zombie walk on roles, the soundtrack, adopt a zombie! These are our current perks. We may also enhance our perks depending on how well the campaign goes.  These are just some of the things we are trying to provide to gain interest and thank you at the same time.  And remember, any level of donation will include the perks from all of the less expensive choices.

The Impact

The impact any donation to the project will have is gigantic. The entire Death Spreading team are passionate about filmmaking. This project may lead to bigger and better things and help launch our careers. We have other scripts written and hope to share this project and all of them with the world. This money will help other investors take us more seriously and this will lead to a more professionally made feature film for you to enjoy.
On a larger scale you will be helping a burgeoning film market in the Greater Philadelphia Area. This production promises to provide many jobs while at the same time fuels the arts and skilled crafts of a region begging for a higher profile in the world of entertainment.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate, don't worry! Check out our Facebook page and LIKE us. FOLLOW us on Twitter. Share our indiegogo page. Anything helps. Check our actor/filmmaker IMDb links. Thank you so much for any kind of help, including reading this!

For more info, or to make a pledge, click here!

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