Friday, January 25, 2013

Old Mossback's Zombie Attack Survival Guide: Maintaining a Proper Look

Now that the Old Mossback has tapped into his future memories and instructed us on how to survive the first wave of a Zombie attack, he turns to the nitty gritty of living in The New Normal. Today, he tackles fashion. Over to you, Mossy.

What to Wear During a Zombie Attack

One topic that often is overlooked in almost all the Zombie movies and survival books is the proper look a survivor should maintain when the Zombies are attempting to take over the Earth.

How is it in these movies that while all the men are shown running around in worn out clothing, the women still appear to have a good supply of pushup bras and low cut blouses to display their cleavage? Is there an emergency reserve of Victoria Secret products located in a bunker somewhere?

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