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All My Friends are Zombies is an illustrated guide to the human side of the living dead.

What's The Book All About?

All My Friends are Zombies is an illustrated guide to the human side of the living dead, written in the perspective of a survivor of the apocalypse filling a journal with everything he's witnessed. Inside its pages you'll find original illustrations of the zombies along with in depth interviews that help bring each zombie's personality to light. You'll also find items collected by the writer such as Polaroids of real abandoned locations, quotes, poems, and other musings on what day to day life is like for both survivors and the living dead.
"one of the most inventive ideas to be put into book form" - Zombies and Toys
"one of the most inventive ideas to be put into book form" - Zombies and Toys
I'm Matt Sebert, a graphic designer and illustrator from Southern New Hampshire. Over the past year I've been steadily turning all my friends and acquaintances into zombies in the way of illustration. It began simply enough when a friend asked me to illustrate him as a zombie.
While I was working on his illustration I began to wonder what he would be like if he actually turned. What parts of his personality would he keep and what would be overpowered by his new found craving for living flesh?
The Process of Zombification!
The Process of Zombification!
After I finished with his illustration I began to illustrate more of the people I knew. One after another. It became something of an addiction and before I knew it I had a stack of zombified friends from all over the world.
The questionaries were sent out after that. For the recently zombified to fill in using their new undead personalities. The answered questionnaires slowly started to come back to come and I found that they were clever, funny, or in some cases just straight bizarre! At this point I knew that others would love to read them as well.
The inside pages of AMFaZ!
The inside pages of AMFaZ!
This Kickstarter will bring this book to life. To turn it into a tangible item. In its current state, All My Friends are Zombies is just a group of digital files inside my computer, but with your backing it will allow this book to become something great. When you back this book you're helping to cover the costs of marketing the book, build a better website, and most importantly of all print the actual book. Self publishing is costly and without your help and backing the book just won't be what it could be.

What do you get for helping to bring All My Friends are Zombies to life?

Your Name in the Book
Once All My Friends are Zombies is published, your name will appear in the acknowledgments section.
Thank You Note
A hand written letter of the deepest thanks sent from me to you.
Sticker Set
A set of 3 1in x 1in stickers that reads "All My Friends are Zombies!"
An Awesome Printable Zombie Action Figure
This little guy stands about 3 inches tall and though he may be cute, he has a bit of a bite. I recommend using heavier paper to print your new zombie friend on as it will make the folds hold a bit better as well as make him a little more durable.   
The Book Signed by Author (limited edition kickstarter green)
The Book itself in all its printed glory. An addition to your bookshelf that you yourself helped make a reality. Each book that is sent to a Kickstarter backer will be a limited edition and include a signature from me thanking you for helping make my work become a reality.
A Limited Edition Poster
A signed and numbered poster of your choice. These posters will ONLY be printed for the people who back the book. After they're printed they will never be available again.
A Poster of Your Favorite Zombie
You will be able to choose any illustration from the hoard to keep as your own. The poster will be sent to you numbered and signed by the author. 
An All My Friends are Zombies T-shirt! Proudly display to the world that you have friends of a different kind! Available in sizes SM to LG, add $8.00 for sizes above. Survive the apocalypse in style!
YOU in the Book Illustrated as a Zombie!
Send me a headshot of yourself, fill out the questionnaire, and you can see yourself in all your zombie brilliance within the pages of the book!
A Poster of YOU as a Zombie!
Sure, your skin may be grey, you may be missing a few teeth, and your skin my be torn in a few places, but you love how you look! You'll receive a one of a kind print of you as a zombie that you can display to the world.

Thank You All!

I've had a lot of fun putting all this together and I hope that each and every one of you enjoys getting to know my zombie friends.
Thank you so very much,
-Matt Sebert


As it stands right now, the book is ready and formatted for printing. The only setback is the cost of printing, if this Kickstarter is funded there should be no problems getting the book to print.
The only thing I can foresee causing the book's release to be postponed would be the extra illustrations and interviews that will be added to the book from the Kickstarter rewards. The more zombies I have to illustrate the more time it will take to release. I have an expected date of mid April set as a release which should be plenty of time to illustrate and add our Kickstarter Zombie friends.
The posters and shirts are coming from a local shop and I see no problems getting these items on time.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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