Monday, February 4, 2013


February 4, 1940 
Today in Horror History, George Andrew Romero was born. As the father of the modern zombie genre, Romero is hands down one of the most influential film makers of all time and has a presence in the history of cinema that will never be shadowed. As the Director of the Cult Classic ‘Night of the Living Dead', his genius would become an undeniable predecessor to the zombie genre as a whole and would lead to one of the most beloved and renowned franchises to date. Thank you for all that you’ve done George, for the millions that you have inspired, the fans who will always feel at home with the movie monster that you created, and your legacy that will never be forgotten.

“At first I didn't think of them as zombies, I thought of them as flesh-eaters or ghouls and never called them zombies in the first film. Then people started to write about them, calling them zombies, and all of a sudden that's what they were: the new zombies. I guess I invented a few rules, like kill the brain and you kill the ghoul, and eventually I surrendered to the idea and called them zombies in Dawn of the Dead (1978), but it was never that important to me what they were. Just that they existed.” –George A. Romero 

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