Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spotlight on...The Undead Series

Day One.
Howie is alone at home when the infection starts spreading across Europe.  Within hours he is fighting for his life in this terrifying account of the first few hours.

Day Two.
Howie gets to his parents house, but something is wrong and he must return to his own town.  He heads to the supermarket where he works and meets Dave, a very special man with a very special set of skills.

Day Three.
Howie and Dave decide to head into London, to find Howie's sister, Sarah.  Their perilous journey takes them deep through Portsmouth and they not all survivors are willing to help other people...

Day Four.
Howie and Dave need something big to get through a heavily infested London, something armoured, something only the army would have.  They head to an army base and meet some young recruits being led by a cowardly officer.  The vehicle they need is deep within the training grounds, and surrounded by thousands of undead soldiers...

Day Five.
Howie, Dave and the recruits head towards London, but the infection has learnt that humans aren't the only species to be affected.

Day Six.
Reaching London, Howie and his group find a commune led by the charismatic big Chris.  Chris needs hospitals supplies from the city, Howie needs to find his sister in the city, will they join forces?
Howie learns harrowing lessons of loss and betrayal in this desperate new world.

Day Seven.
Howie leads his group, finally reaching the fort on the coast but with an undead zombie army only hours behind them.  A frantic pace builds as they struggle to make the fort ready, make the survivors ready and make themselves ready.  But Dave has a few surprises in store before the final battle commences. 
Harrowing, extreme and gripping.

The Undead.
The First Seven Days.
Compilation edition including Days One to Seven.

Day Eight
Week two of the The Undead Series continues with Howie and Darren pitted in a desperate race against each other to find the women and children....

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