Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spotlight on...The Memorial Trilogy

Synopsis: For the first time, Robert R Best's zombie saga The Memorial Trilogy is available in a single complete edition.

The small town of Lakewood has been overrun by the walking dead. In a single night, the world has descended into a madness of biting teeth and a sickness that kills but does not kill. Caught at the center of it is Angie Land, young single mother and nurse's aide at Lakewood Memorial Hospital. She and a handful of others are lucky enough to survive the initial assault, but how long will they last? And more importantly to Angie, how long will her kids - waiting at home - survive?

How long does it take the world to fall apart when the dead inexplicably rise from their graves to eat the living? As they travel to the big city of Ashton to find their families, Angela Land and Parker Welch discover the world goes to hell fast. Angie, desperate to find a safe place for her and her two children, will fight any man or animal - living or dead - that gets in her way. Meanwhile, Park hasn't seen his twin daughters for years, but he'll need to hurry if he's going to rescue them from their crazed power-hungry stepfather and the chaos that is his new kingdom, Ashton Memorial Zoo.

With more undead, bat-swinging, blood-soaked action, Ashton Memorial asks the question... what would you do to survive?


It has been three years. 

The world has been overrun by the walking dead. Everywhere humans once thrived, corpses walk and eat the living. Pockets of what is left of humanity have banded together in fortified encampments all over the world.

One such place is World Memorial, a town made of vehicles, scrap metal and wood. World Memorial is run by Angie Land and her two children Maylee and Dalton. They survived the night the dead first rose. They have survived every night since. And Angie intends that they, and everyone in her town, will survive until the end.

As if the walking dead were not enough, nature itself has turned against them. All animals are crazed and violent, attacking any human they encounter. Savage windstorms tear across the land, threatening anyone caught outside.

Despite all this, the denizens of World Memorial have managed to survive. But the appearance of two mysterious powerful figures may finally destroy them. They may also bring about the end.

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