Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free Digital Copy Of White Zombie By Richard Evans!

In honor of literate living dead fans everywhere, author Richard Evans is offering his White Zombie anthology for free this Thanksgiving! And that’s actual Thanksgiving day, not just some random date that happens to be conveniently near Thanksgiving.
A flu-like virus ravages the Earth killing everyone within 24 hours. Only the black race seems immune. This blessing soon becomes a curse as the rest of Earth’s population rises as flesh-hungry zombies. Contains 11 scary short stories by various authors.
Honestly none of us have actually read White Zombie, so you guys are on your own here. A collection of zombie stories about race, culture and class curated by a Canadian seems exactly like the kind of heavy-handed social commentary we tend to avoid. But hey… ignore our ignorant preconceived notions, because the book is free and you can check it out for yourselves!
Richard is also a fellow WordPresser, author and comic book creator. So swing by his official website to check out even more of his work. And tomorrow, after you’ve stuffed yourselves full of turkey, thanked God for your many bountiful blessings and escaped from your family to the sanctuary of a private bedroom… be sure to download a free copy of White Zombie and enjoy!

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