Friday, November 30, 2012


Take an imaginative ride through the mind of a young child who dreams of becoming a zombie.

A year ago, my husband Chris Hernandez, emailed me a concept for a story of our little boy Jack and his love for zombies. Being a schoolteacher, Chris hoped that I would put a twist on the story that would contribute to the many goals of this project; we want this story to entertain, foster creativity, and instill a moral lesson to readers.
A year later the first story of our collection is complete, "Jack and the Zombie Attack".  It is a descriptive and poetic tongue twister that follows Jack's dream of becoming a zombie through a rumpus in his neighborhood. His dream becomes reality, but is eating human flesh what its cracked up to be? You'll have to read it to find out.
The illustrations can only be described as fantastical, creative and brilliant in every way. The attention to detail and color will captivate the minds of children and adults alike. Chris Hernandez, an amazing illustrator and designer, who is finalizing the story so it can go out for publication by the end of 2012.
100% of the money that we raise will be used to self-publish "Jack and the Zombie Attack" and produce any promised merchandise. Our finalized books will be hardcover with an illustrated dust jacket, and premium linen paper.  We want everyone to know they have something special, just by holding the book.
We have put together very special gifts for those who make contributions to the production of “Jack and the Zombie Attack”, Including: Copies of the hard bound book, specialty printed vintage T-shirts, signed prints, signed original watercolor artwork used for the book, VIP tickets to the Premiere party, and to one lucky contributor, the original book cover artwork signed. We hope you enjoy the story, and remember..."Bwains!!!!" It's what's for dinner.


Chris and Amy Hernandez face numerous challenges: Finding a quality cost effective printer that will help them to meet their deadline, convincing parents that children can learn from zombies, and reaching as many people as they can.

The first challenge: meeting the deadline. Chris and Amy want the quality of the book to meet their expectations. The printer must capture the detail and color portrayed in all the original watercolor paintings. With this attention to detail, there comes a price. Quality hardback children’s books are much more costly than you might think. Meeting the minimum goal of $15,000 will only allow us to publish 1000 copies of the book. This quantity will fulfill contributor’s awards and allow copies to be sent to distribution companies.
Many have questioned, “How can you teach morals to children through a story about Zombies?” Children have rich and creative imaginations, and the lessons taught today should represent this. Through descriptive vocabulary, imagery, and a twisted tale, Jack will follow his dream. In the end, home for Jack never seemed sweeter. Children always question their parent’s authority, and must come to their own realization when they make a mistake, this is how they learn. In this story, Jack comes to know, and learns to respect his mother’s warning. For those who feel that zombies are a little grotesque for children, just remember the creative minds of your childhood. In his poem "The Loser", from Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein portrays a child actually losing his head (Silverstein, 1974).
Mama said I'd lose my head
if it wasn't fastened on.
Today I guess it wasn't
'cause while playing with my cousin
it fell off and rolled away
and now it's gone.
Shel Silverstein, Maurice Sendak and Dr. Suess are all classic children's authors that never seemed to mind the rules, and children and adults love them the same.
The final challenge is to reach as many people as possible. Distribution of this book outside of our personal network will determine the success of the project. Chris and Amy have already worked out deals in local bookstores for consignment of the book, and are looking for ways to branch outside of Southern California. Any and all help in this area is welcome.
We will not let these challenges hold them back from achieving our dream to publish a children’s story and we appreciate all contributions given.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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