Friday, November 23, 2012

Zombie Author Emily Goodwin's  “Top Ten Things I Learned from the Contagium Trilogy” Plus Free Amazon E-Book Of 'Contagious!'

Top Ten Things I Learned from the Contagium Trilogy 

-Preparation is the key to survival. Have an emergency food stash, weapons, and ammo at the ready. 

-Avoid big cities. Large human population = large zombie population. 

-Be resourceful. Hotwiring cars, picking locks, and making Molotov cocktails in the basement with Grandpa might have gotten you arrested before the zombies, but those skills just might just save your life now. Learn how to adapt what you know.

-Wear appropriate clothing at all times. You don’t want to get stuck in the ZA wearing a sexy nurse costume and high heels. 

-Include a hot doctor in your group of survivors. God knows you’ll need medical attention at one point or another. It is the ZA after all. 

-Finding a group of good looking soldiers won’t hurt either. Having others who know how to handle a gun increases your chances of survival. 

-Safety in numbers… says zombies (they are quite fond of traveling in herds). When it comes to fast getaways, the more is not always the merrier, so know who in your group can slow you down. Be prepared to leave them or save them…repeatedly.

-Know how to live off the land. Face it: all the supplies you’ve gathered is going to run out at some point. Knowing how to raise livestock, the ins and outs of farming, and how to identify edible wild plants will be the difference between life and death.

-Invest in high quality bow and arrows. Not only is killing zombies next to silent with the quiet whisper of a bow slicing through skulls, but you can get your ammo back. (Just remember to clean off the brain matter).

-And finally, under NO circumstances should you seek shelter from a tornado in a parking garage! Those places were creepy before the outbreak. Trust me when I say tornados, zombies, and blindingly dark parking garages DO NOT mix!

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