Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kickstarter Project Update: The Deck OF The Dead: Add-ons and the Jack of Brains

We've added a chart to help explain which add-ons are available on Póstumo. Not Pictured: Uncut sheets, which are a $40 add-on. However, unless you're getting the Holiday Trifecta, please just pick the Sheet-related backer rewards and add accordingly.

A big new addition is the Royal 5x7 Prints, which will be double-sided with rounded edges. If you wanted to add the Royal prints, but not the Holiday Shipping option, they're now available.
You can also add on more poker chips at 100 at a time. Please message me for the costs on shipping and add-on.

Finally, we had a couple questions on the dice and the Holiday Shipping option. The ones labeled as "with dice" will be getting the first nine sets that were sent to me already. You can still add more dice to any of the Holiday Shipping options, but only those nine backers will be guaranteed to get at least one set of dice by Dec. 25.

Finally, we've got another card to preview, the Jack of Diamonds:

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