Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zombie Smokeout Mobile Game (iOS & Android)

Quit smoking and soak zombies instead!
In the not too distant future, the entire planet has been destroyed by secondhand smoke. Zombie hordes roam the streets looking for more cigarettes to further pollute our city. You are Ally C. Smith, the ultimate zombie-soaker, and it's your job to douse the approaching zombies and flaming piles of cigarettes with your giant water gun. All while you jump over obstacles like trash cans and abandoned cars. But you gotta keep your health up, or humanity is lost.
*****Welcome to Zombie Smokeout*****
- Enjoy fast-paced shooter action with your giant water gun!
- Douse wave after wave of smoking zombies—from hipster zombies to cheerleader zombies!
- The more you play, the faster the game gets!
- Fun and inked art style with cool characters!
- Try to beat your top score in local leaderboards!
- Share your score on facebook and brag to all your friends!
- Share ACS tips with your friends for quitting smoking!
The American Cancer Society has tips, tools & resources to help you stay away from tobacco. Be a quitter and visit

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