Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kickstarter Project Update #22: Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead

Project Update #22: Post-Póstumo Post

O and I have been spending the past 20 or so hours bouncing between levels of sheer gratitude, amazed joy, and pure exhaustion. People keep congratulating us on how we did, but honestly, we lost control of this project a long time ago. This was YOUR success, and you guys are incredible.

In the last 24 hours of the campaign, we took on 81 new backers and $3,654 of pledges. We got to 98.5% of our $40,000 stretch goal. Enough that you know what? That's close enough for us. We've officially unlocked the purple brain chips, and every backer will also be getting a 5x7 print of one of the various face or joker cards.

A reminder for what comes next: Some of you are already getting emails from me, asking to either clarify what your add-ons were or what amount of chips you needed. This is to help make sure our estimates are correct (which are currently at 2,800 decks, 2,304 dice and 8,700 poker chips).

For the rest: we'll get an exact clarification on your add-ons and your shipping address in February (maybe January), when we get closer to shipping everything out.

Here's the To-Do List:

The Art and Design 
Selecting printers 
Contacting printers 
Ordering Dice 
Ordered/received USPS Shipping Material 
Ordered/received dice bags 

Ordering 5x7 Prints (Thursday)* 
Ordering Decks (Thursday)* 
Ordering Chips/Cases (Monday)* 
Ordering Art Prints (Thursday)* 
Ordering padded non-priority envelopes (Closer to ship dates) 
Ordering art tubes (Closer to ship dates) 
Shipping International Holiday Levels part one (Dec. 3) 
Shipping Domestic Holiday Levels part one (Dec. 21) 
Shipping International Holiday Levels part two TBA 
Shipping Domestic Holiday Levels part two TBA 
Shipping card-only levels TBA 
Shipping card and chip levels TBA 
Shipping card and dice levels TBA 
Shipping card, chip and dice levels levels TBA 
Shipping card and art print levels 

 * - pending there being enough money in the bank to do so. We got a good chuck of the funds already cleared and I setup a digital deposit at about 1 a.m. last night. 

Notes: Uncut sheet levels count as card levels. Surveys for each level will be sent out about one week before each level is ready to ship.

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