Friday, November 30, 2012


An insane photography book packed with the most gore you'll ever see in an art book. ZOMBIESSS!!!!!! by Sidney Cumbie

I've been shooting zombies and horror photos just as a hobby and fun for years now and because I've been getting all this great feedback and requests for photoshoots it would be insane of me not to create this book for all the zombie fans out there! Lets face it, zombies are huge right now! The Walking Dead has become massive in popular culture. So why not create something for the mad zombie fans out there as well as continue doing what I love to do! 
I shoot zombies for the love of it and I never ask for money from my models. They want to be zombies so I turn them into zombies, its my art! So really the money that we need for this book is for printing, wardrobe, make up artists, and all the others that we need to make this book explode with blood and gore! I'm not looking to make money off this book just the opportunity to create a fantastic piece of art for the undead gore lover in all of us. 
You can see from the zombie photos that I have already created that I am extremely good at what I do. I've had over 7 years of photography experience and have a passion for what I do. These photos that have been already produce were done with no budget at all! So just think how creative we can be with even the smallest of budgets! The more backers we get the more extreme the Zombies will get! 


While we do give ourselves a year to complete this book to be release by next Halloween there could be a slim chance that it may take longer. In a world of unknown variables the possibilities are endless. We have no doubts in our abilities to create a great and outstanding book, yet things can go wrong with any project.
For one, finding the right models for the job will be a task that will take some time. We are very particular about the looks of our zombies, so to find the right characters will no doubt take time and tons of patients due to the numerous requests to be in the book. We will be hold numerous audition dates until we find the perfect zombies for our shoots.
Another challenge will be to find the best of the best make up FX artists that are both reliable and able to produce the looks we need. We do have a few in mind that we have trusted and worked with in the past but we also need back up artists to cover them when or if they are unavailable. The plus side of this is that living near Hollywood finding FX artists is extremely easy.
Finding a great book printer is another challenge that we must face. We do have a few book printers located in Southern California that print beautiful books, but finding the perfect company for the job may be a challenge. The last thing we want is to change printers last minute because they can't produce the books the way we need. So finding and finalizing the deal with the best company sooner rather than later is something we need to do.
We do have a few challenges to over come to create this outstanding piece of zombie art! But with any project comes challenges and we have no doubt in our abilities to finish this book and please our backers!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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