Friday, November 23, 2012

Looking ahead to 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale

2 Episodes left until Walking Dead takes a hiatus

This Thanksgiving, give thanks that we do not live a post-apocalyptic world over-run by zombies. (But thankful that Daryl found Carol).
Many fans are already aware that The Walking Dead takes its mid-season break in two weeks, and starts back up again in January. This weekend’s episode “When The Dead Come Knocking” will set us up for that pre-finale. A lot happened in the last episode 306 called “Hounded”, so here are a few details to catch up on and moments to look forward to before the break.
First off, the phone call was a hallucination of Rick’s, because throughout the call, he spoke to and received the late Amy, Jim, Jaquie, and Lori. Some good came out of it as the voice of Sarah Wayne Callies allowed Rick to receive some closure from his wounded and broken marriage. He admits to Lori that he loves her and just never knew how to put it back together. She gives him some wisdom that propels him to wake up and go hold his baby close.
The two worlds that we have been separately observing; the Prison and Woodbury, have finally collided. Merle has kidnapped Maggie and Glenn and locked them up at Woodbury because of their refusal to bring him to Daryl. In a preview for next episode, we see Glenn’s face badly beaten up. We also see Maggie tied up in a room with the Governor hovering over her. Needless to say, it does not look good for either of them.
We crave that meeting between Andrea and the group, but Andrea has had different plans and a clouded mind due to the seduction of The Governor. Even though this frustrates us to no end, Andrea deserves happiness too. The last time we see her, she has jumped into bed with the guy, as her thirst for powerful men continues.
Nevertheless, it can be assumed that as soon as Andrea finds out that Glenn and Maggie have hit Woodbury, her feelings will change in a snap. This is unnerving because even if Andrea’s feelings change, the Governor would probably get angry-very angry. (Go ahead and picture David Morrissey as The Hulk.) We have seen what he is capable of.
Meanwhile, Michonne has escaped the wrath of Merle and winds up at the prison with a basket of baby formula. In previews for this Sunday, Michonne looks beaten up for the first time, having walked the distance from Woodbury to the prison with a bullet wound in her thigh. We hear Carl ask Rick if they should save her, thankfully still looking for some guidance. Rick seems to take action in doing so, and seems to be beginning to heal normally, and has begun to be a father to his new baby. If Michonne ends up in the prison, everybody will be enlightened in that Maggie and Glenn are in danger, and that Andrea is alive and well. This will be another moment the fans have waited for for a long time.
The women of The Walking Dead seem to all be in peril lately, especially Carol who was rescued by Daryl looking defeated, but still kicking! This was a happy moment after many nail-biters and frightening moments with Merle earlier in episode.
If the group heads to Woodbury on rescue, chances are Daryl and Merle will finally reunite in the next 2 episodes. Keep an eye out for that and other possible reunions and explosions on Sunday night on AMC on the pan-ultimate episode before a mid-season break.

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