Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Weather. Just like the occasional zombie apocalypse, it happens. Now you can be ready for both with the Weather Zombie iPhone App.

Sick of the living telling you whether it's going to rain or not tomorrow? Looking for more green ooze out of your forecasts? Our zombie meteorologists can help you out. We've put together a best-in-breed team to let you know your current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, as well as a few zombie-speak gems here and there. We've even got our zombie intern keeping track of the radar for you (mostly because we don't want him to do anything else... but that's beside the point).

Whether you're trying to figure out if it's going to rain out today, if you can walk around unimpeded by brain-hiding hats and umbrellas, or if you'll have to deal with the increased smell of decay due to an unprecedented heat wave, this is the weather app for you.

This app features:

• Worldwide weather forecasts
• Monstrously handsome zombie forecasters
• Delightfully zombified weather icons
• Location detection by GPS or internet connection
• Current, 12 Hour and 7 Day forecasts
• Radar for the United States and most of Canada
• Comics with zombies and various cloud formations
• English and Metric data measurements
• Twitter and Facebook Zombie page feeds
• All the Retina graphics you can handle
• Easter eggs!

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