Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zombie Tools by Guns & Gardens - Survive The Zombie Apocalypse (iOS)


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Zombie Tools ☣ from Guns & Gardens is the only iOS app you need to survive the zombie apocalypse. It includes a range of useful modules, including a global emergency Sit-Rep, motion detector, signal light, video feed, survival journal and more. It's got so many useful tools, it's like a digital "Swiss Army Knife" in your pocket.

✔ SitRep (24-7 Situational Report)
‣ Worldwide Emergency Alert System
‣ Day/Date, Chronograph, Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Phase/Daylight remaining
‣ Detailed Weather, 5-day Forecast, Wind, Visibility, Dew point, Humidity, stats
‣ Auto GPS location

✔ Motion Detector
‣ Secure any location from intrusion in seconds - works on zombies, humans and animals
‣ Audio and Visual alarm
‣ Programable "kill-switch" unlock sequence
‣ Adjustable sensitivity

✔ Morse Code Signal Light
‣ Industrial-strength Illumination and Communication
‣ 4 modes
‣ Standard illuminator - white light
‣ Strobe - blinking white light
‣ Emergency - blinking red/blue light
‣ Morse Code - blinking white light
‣ Send messages via text input - no need to learn Morse Code!

✔ Marque's Survival Journal
‣ One-of-a-kind tips from the Internet's top zombie survival expert
‣ Step-by-step instructions/illustrations for making weapons, food, water, shelter, first-aid and more
‣ Continuously updated with new information

✔ Video Uplink
‣ Instant streaming access to all episodes of Guns & Gardens
‣ Sneak-peak early access to new episodes
‣ Exclusive videos and other in-app content

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