Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Author: Eric Mead
Synopsis: Re-Ans, a.k.a. Re-Animated Corpses, are on the march. The Military has launched a massive counter attack, and the healthy are caught in the middle. Newlyweds Jaime and Foley along with their grandmother, a retired Marine, must act quickly or die. Luckily for them, Grandma is prepared and raring to kill. Unfortunately, nothing could prepare them for the true horror of the outbreak. Or what they would have to do to save the people they love. Mixing horror, humor, and heartbreak, ZOMBIE MESSIAH takes you to the places most are afraid of, and asks you, the reader, a simple question; How far would you go to save the people you love?

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Author: H. A. Rhodes
Synopsis: When a pharmaceutical company dumps a contaminated batch of a new tranquilizer into the Los Angeles water supply, its people are poisoned. 

The city is plunged into chaos. 

And a desperate adventure is about to begin. 

As violent rioting breaks out, millions are killed. Duncan Stevens narrowly escapes infection - and sets out to find his estranged family. But when he loses all trace of his children, he joins a group of Marines for a final, brutal assault on the city - that aims to destroy the mob within. 

'U.G.L.Y' is a gritty, terrifying but also moving glimpse into a violent, broken world. 

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Author: Aaron Patterson
Synopsis: Okay everyone. Yes, this is yet another zombie story, I know, I know. I swore that I would never write a zombie or vampire story but when a blogger asked me to write one for her blog I relented.
So here is the deal, if you like this silly brain bashing story let me know and I will write more for ya, if you hate it just chill out and go read some real talent like Hugh Howey (I, Zombie).
Now this is a SHORT story so don’t get all mad if it is short, I warned you. It will take you 15-20 min to read. Which is perfect for a cab ride home after drinking the blood of your latest kill. –Aaron

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Author: R. A. Holmes
Synopsis: A zombie Tale. Follow Emma as she tries to survive a zombie apocalypse. She meets Dean and the two fall in love. They fight their way through zombies and destruction to an island hoping to find freedom. But, do they ever find it?

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