Thursday, November 22, 2012


Synopsis: "A half-shark half-alligator creature escapes from a secret government facility and starts wreaking havoc in a remote California town.

In a campground close by a group of young girls arrive to attend a cheerleading training camp to prepare for the cheerleading world championships.

Little do they know that the cabins are built on an ancient haunted burial ground, and the dead come to life during the night and start infecting the girls.

The few that are left alive must fend for themselves against not only the living dead but also the Gatorshark, a creature with the head of a shark and the body of an alligator."

-Hot cheerleaders?

-An escaped scientific experiment?

-An ancient haunted burial ground?


OMG!! What more do you need?!? Keep your eyes open for this one!

 *thanks to my friend Jamal for the find! Check out his blog, Flesh from the Morgue, for more zombie goodness!

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