Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Walking Dead: AMC vs. Comic


Fans of the zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead,  know that the AMC hit and the Robert Kirkman comic that it draws inspiration from have very diverging story lines. While the show is faithful to the comic in terms of tone, significant details are changed around. Let’s compare the two and judge whether the changes were for the better. [Contains spoilers for the show and the comic.]

Comic: Shane meets his end within the first six issues. Jealous of Rick’s return and ruining his chances of being with Lori, Shane goes nuts and is about to shoot Rick when Carl shoots him in the neck to save his father.
AMC: At the end of season two, Rick stabs Shane with Carl shooting Shane after he turns into a zombie. 
Winner: (AMC) Shane became a more complex character and great foil to Rick during the show’s second season.

The Dixons
Comic: Merle and Daryl Dixon don’t exist; they were made for the show. 
Winner: (AMC) The crossbow wielding Daryl is one of the best characters on the show, while Merle is proving to be quite an intimidating villain for season three.
(Special note: the character of Daryl Dixon has recently been added to the comic.)

Dale and Andrea
Comic: Old man Dale and young Andrea are a couple. 
AMC: Their relationship is a strained father-daughter dynamic.
Winner: (Comic) It may seem gross at first, but Dale and Andrea’s relationship is one of the most touching aspects of the comic and showcases how society’s rules don’t apply anymore.

Lori’s fate
Comic: Lori gets killed at the end of the prison story-arc during the Governor’s assault. Not only does Lori die, but she falls on her baby Judith, crushing her to death. 
AMC: Lori dies earlier; this time from childbirth. The baby is still alive in the show so far.
Winner: (Comic) Lori’s death was one of the most shocking demises in recent memory.


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