Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kickstarter Project Update: Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead 

Project Update #18: The Queens

With less than four days to go, we wanted to spend our last Sunday looking at the Queens of Póstumo.
Like the Jacks, they keep a lot of their traditional touches. Each Queen has a flower, but in a truly ghoulish touch, all of the flowers are wilting. Also, the Queen of Spades is the only queen card holding a scepter.
At this point in the Kickstarter, we're just about out of things that O and I can do. We'll have our preview of the Kings, as well as the Jokers and Gaffs. We really can only wait and hope that we can hit the stretch goal of $40,000, which unlocks a free 5x7 print of a face card, as well as every chip color for those getting Brain Chips.
Now is the time to make sure your friends get on board with Póstumo. We'll be selling the Red and Green decks later, but at a cost of $10 a deck, plus shipping. And if the Silver Backs sell out, they're gone for good.

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