Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kickstarter Project Update #20: Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead 

Actually, it's a gaff on purpose, so I guess I'm gaffing a gaff? Meta.

A normal deck is 52 cards plus two jokers plus two ad/rules cards. We don't really feel the need to put in the ad/rules cards, so we're putting "gaff" cards into each deck. One will be a double-backed card. The other is an addition for the magicians using this deck that like to add a humorous reveal, and that's the 13 of Brains!

We'll have one more update later tonight with the Jokers. Until then, I need to eat some pizza, try to calm down, dance a few more jigs, and twitch with gratitude. Seriously, you guys are amazing.

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