Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Welcome to Adrian's Undead Diary. Adrian Ring is our intrepid hero here, having just barely survived a world consuming apocalypse of the undead.  Adrian's Diary chronicles his battles with the zombie hordes and his ongoing struggle with survival.  Read and understand exactly how he completed his hero's journey, avoiding starvation, zombies, injuries, fellow survivors, and sickness, as well as sharing in his humor and his horror.

AUD entries are ”written” in real time by the character Adrian Ring.  The entry you read today here is the entry that he wrote today in his world.  Every time Adrian reminisces, or experiences something new, he talks to his Diary.  In this way you share in his unfolding horror, one moment at a time.  Adrian writes three to five Diary entries a week, so check back in often to stay current.

AUD also features pieces of fiction that are set in Adrian's world.  Reading AUD means reading the short stories as they intersect with the Diary.  There are links inserted into the Diary entries telling you when you should read what stories.  In order for you to fully enjoy AUD, please read the stories when you see the links.  Once you're caught up with Diary and the short stories, you can read the entries as they're posted, and the short stories as they're released.

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