Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 Best Human Heroes In Zombie Films

When the zombie plague strikes our humble planet and we find ourselves threatened by the living dead, some of us will step up to the plate and ready our chainsaws. Some others will get their running shoes on. The rest, unfortunately, are destined to become zombie chow.

Zombie films really do put the ‘Fight or Flight’ idea into perspective, and today we examine those most suited to their new environment among the smoldering ruins of civilization.

Honorable Mention - Rick Grimes/Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead
The badass duo of The Walking Dead may have attracted some deeply disturbing fanfic, but the pair can bash or shoot a zombie brain to within an inch of its un-life, and they do it with such brutal elegance that it would be impossible not to give them a nod. While Rick is the decision making, zombie slaying, evil busting lead the series needs, Daryl really takes the zombie kill trophy, giving a whole new layer of awesome to the crossbow (not that it needed it) and teaching us that zombie ears can be a striking but effective fashion statement in the practical days of zombie apocalypse.
Alas, neither solid member of the The Walking Dead’s quickfire cast list can receive anything more than this quick mention – after all, this is a list of heroes in zombie films. Which leads to the prospect every Walking Dead fan is curious about: Can there, and will there, ever be a movie adaptation?
For now its doubtful, but in the future, who knows. A Hollywood style reboot of this list could see them skyrocket to the top spot in a few years time.

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