Sunday, January 6, 2013


While trying to survive in Zombie U you will have to face a few enemy types, each with their own behavior: some of these enemy types can give you quite some trouble so we’re here to help you once again in achieving victory and prolong your life longer in the game.
  • Zombies
The regular zombies and the most common enemy type you’ll find in the game, zombies are quite slow and not too smart. However they can be quite dangerous if you let them get a bite since they have a chance to kill you in a single bite: the virucide can help you if you have it. With the regular handgun it takes 2 headshots to kill them; with the bat 4 hits and with the magnum a single headshot is enough to dispose of them.
  • Powered Up Zombies
You’ll recognize these zombies thanks to the red swirl above them and the glow in their eyes: they’re more dangerous than regular zombies, stronger and even faster. Requiring even more bullets and hits to take them out, it’s probably best to try avoiding them, especially when they come in hordes: it’s pretty easy to get killed by them.
  • Riot Officers
These zombies have some extra protection on their bodies, requiring over 10 hits to take down with the bat. With the standard weapons without upgrades it takes way too much bullets to take them out: the head is also protected by a helmet bringing the required headshots needed to kill them to over 6 with standard weapons. The best way to dispose of them early in the game is explosive weapons and molotov cocktails: with the upgraded weapons it’s easier to take them out in the usual way.
  • Spitting Zombies
These zombies are almost identical to the regular zombies: the only thing that makes them quite annoying is the fact that they can hit you from afar by spitting, giving you damage and even inflict you with a reduced sight. The same tactics used to take down regular zombies can be applied for the spitting kind too.
  • Special Zombies
These special Zombies usually guard some important stuff in the game, like weapons upgrades: they are the strongest zombie type and require a lot of shots and hits to take down. If you want to survive, just take out your best weapon and shoot! No need to save bullets here since there’s a high probability they may kills you. In some rare instances you may be unlucky to meet a few of them together: you need to use your best weapon in this case as well.
  • Exploding Zombies
I call them Zombies with a surprise: they are the zombies with the gas tank on their backs and they explode after they have been killed. For this reason using the Cricket Bat is not a good idea, unless you want to die. Hower it’s quite easy to use them to dispose of hordes and save quite a few bullets and even molotov cocktails: try to lure them together with other zombies in a single spot, kill them and watch them die with little effort from your part.

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