Monday, January 14, 2013

Deadline looms to finish zombie movie

The 90-minute movie follows the story of Scott, played by Shameer Seepersand, who is caught up in a world taken over by the walking dead.
The film follows his struggle to survive on his own, while longing for the return of his girlfriend, Beth, played by Jessica Messenger.
Light Films' managing director Tom Wadlow hopes Wasteland will surpass the success of his firm's previous film, Shelf Stackers, which was previewed at Cannes last summer. It led to Mr Wadlow having meetings with a number of top directors, producers and distributors.
He also ended up rubbing shoulders with some top actors such as Edward Norton, star of films including The Incredible Hulk and, more recently, The Bourne Legacy.
He said: "We received attention from distribution companies based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, not to mention many other top cities from around the world, that made up seven offers of purchase for the film once it is fully completed.
"We were amazed. Finally, our hard work is paying off."
Mr Wadlow is a graduate of the University of Derby, who went on to study at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, where he spent the early part of his career as a film director. For his latest production, Light Films used a cast and crew of more than 100 people from across Derbyshire.
The firm also built its own set for the movie in Derby. Mr Wadlow said: "We were aware the project would take the best part of 12 months to fully capture on film.
"We built a tremendous set for Shelf Stackers. We knew we could do it and so, with the help of a set-designer, we built and dressed a set that formed a part of our lives for over a year."
Mr Wadlow said he was hopeful that Wasteland would be a success. He said: "While the film will certainly attract cult followers, non-zombie lovers are in for a treat, too, as we become heavily involved in the character development and emotions that run high throughout the film."
As well as making movies, Light Films also makes short films, documentaries, television programmes, corporate, wedding and music videos.
Chrissa Maund, producer and company director at Light Films, said: "I'm thrilled that we have not only produced so many short films in a short space of time over recent years but we have also now produced a feature film that was mainly self-funded. It's an incredible achievement in the current climate."
Light Films is now working to complete post production of Wasteland, which includes adding special effects animation, as well as sound effects.
The film is due to be released this summer.

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