Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Splinter Director Toby Wilkins to Direct Dead Sand

Splinter helmer Toby Wilkins has been gone far too long from the feature film front.  Since directing the 2008 creature feature, he contributed to The Grudge franchise (with part three) and took on a few episodes of Teen Wolf.
He's now attached to Dead Sand, an elevated zombie/war thriller is scheduled to start production in March of 2013.  Stealth Media Group is currently handling the title at the American Film Market.

In Dead Sand, a team of badass Special Forces is assigned to capture and transport an escaped terrorist when they’re ambushed by a nest of vicious, tactically advanced zombies.
Writers Max Adams, a West Point grad and Captain in the Army Rangers, and Brian Anthony, a Green Beret in the Special Forces, offer a real combat take to the zombie genre, creating an authentic war experience mixed with a visual, zombie mash-up that is completely original.

Wilkins explains, “The story is simple and contained while its characters and set pieces have complexity that will elevate the film, blur genre lines, and deliver truly kick-ass entertainment, with action and scares playing alongside scenes with heart and humor.”


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