Friday, January 4, 2013

Spotlight on...Just Another Zombie Love Story
Synopsis: As a child, Stephen worked out his plans for the "inevitable" zombie apocalypse with his friend Jake. Now he is all grown up with a real job and real responsibilities. His spare time is now taken up online - surfing, blogging and facebooking. 

Then the mysterious sickness hits San Antonio and people start dying by the thousands. He stops by his neighborhood bar after a tragically brief day at the office. A little flirting with the hot bartender, then home alone to blog. 

As he begins to realize from the news and Internet traffic that the dead are rising, his childhood preparations come rushing to the forefront of his mind. And the number one rule was always, "Chivalry will get you killed!" 

His conviction to this rule is immediately tested when he gets a call for help from the bartender. Chivalry - and hormones - wins out as he sets out to rescue the object of his desires. Before the electric grid goes down, he receives an internet plea for help from his childhood friend Jake in Houston. He again decides that his duty is most important in this situation. 

He sets off on the 200 mile journey where the zombies may not be the worst he has to contend with. His preparation didn't include dealing with human monsters.

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