Monday, January 14, 2013

Undying Love - Zombie Couples Portraits, What A Valentine Gift!

Rob Sacchetto, is offering romantic couples the greatest Valentine’s Day gift ever. The world’s most prolific zombie illustration artist has created thousands of custom zombie portraits as part of his custom portrait business and, surprisingly, couples portraits have always been his most popular portrait request.

“I am always amazed by how many couples orders I get. In fact, I would say that wedding portraits are by far the most popular portraits I receive orders for.”

For as little as $80, Sacchetto will turn any photograph into a hand-painted custom portrait depicting you or a loved one as a brain-eating zombie. Over the past six years, Sacchetto has created over 4000 custom portraits for people from all walks of life but it’s the couples portraits that keep his business thriving.

Rob notes that women are most often the ones to buy his couples portraits and that he usually sees his biggest sales spikes during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. He also has a theory about the popularity of his couple zombie portraits.

“I’m positive some people get these zombie portraits even through they don’t particularly like zombies. They just know that their husband or wife will really like it and they are willing to commission a custom piece and look at it every day because they love their partner and enjoy making them happy.”

“They are just trying to show their undying love”, says Rob.

This year, Rob is offering a Valentine’s Day gift sale on his couples portraits as a way of giving back to the young lovers who have allowed him to make zombie creation his full time job.

In what is probably the world’s weirdest Valentine’s Day sale, Rob is offering $20 off all couples portraits. Also, because being single around this time of year is tough, Sacchetto is also reducing his solo portraits by $15 as well.

Portraits can be ordered via Sacchetto’s website at

For further information about Rob Sacchetto's zombie artwork please visit his website or email

CONTACT: Rob Sacchetto
Sudbury, Ontario

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