Saturday, January 12, 2013


As the temperature plummeted and a freezing fog settled eerily and ominously around the city centre, the atmosphere was well and truly set last night for the premier of Nottingham's very own full-length, full blown, blood, guts and gore-fest movie Zombie Hood at Nottingham Contemporary.

A whopping two and a half years in the making on a shoestring budget by a dedicated team of cast, crew and zombie extras numbering literally hundreds of people, this hugely ambitious project was filmed in and around Nottingham and other local areas employing a wide range of local film-making skills, talent and die-hard enthusiasm.

Zombie Hood's plot revolves around a disparate and desperate group of survivors who flee the initial outbreak of the zombie infection in the city and base themselves in Sherwood Forest whilst risking visiting populated areas for food and supplies. From the outset, local horror fans will have loads of fun spotting and name-checking familiar Nottingham locations and venues and it's a very dramatic sight to see the spookily-deserted city centre streets up on the big screen, particularly the creepy panning shot of the empty and newspaper-blown streets outside Victoria Centre, shiveringly-silent and shopper-free.

Meanwhile, hungry zombie fans will have a squelching, oozing and splattering blood-feast to sink their teeth into with the impressive and shockingly gruesome make-up effects, as zombie of all ages, shapes and sizes romp and chomp after the survivors, who pull off compelling and entertaining performances.

Lightened by genuinely classic very funny lines and moments that got the whole audience bursting out laughing, Zombie Hood rampages through the city and pulls out every blood-stained stop to answer all your How To Survive A Local Zombie Apocalypse questions. Watch out Nottingham, it's a biter.

You can find out more about Zombie Hood including film release dates on their website

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