Friday, February 1, 2013

FINALLY! Gallowwalkers Will Bring its Guns to the European Film Market February 8th

The undead western Gallowwalkers, starring Wesley Snipes, will show at the European Film Market February 8th. Vantage Media International will bring this horror tale to market as Snipes is soon to exit corrections. Snipes was given a three year prison term for tax fraud. Since then,Gallowwalkers has been put on hold, despite the film showing at Frightfest in late 2012.

This title has been in production for over seven years. And now, fans of Snipes, or of the undead will not have to wait long for the film's release. 

Showing Date: February 8th (Commercial Screening).

Director: Andrew Goth.

Writers: Andrew Goth and Joanne Reay.

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth, Riley Smith, Tanit Phoenix, Simona Brhlíková, Steven Elder, Patrick Bergin, and Jay Grant.

More on Gallowwalkers can be found at Vantage Media International:

Gallowwalkers w/Stills at VMI 


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