Friday, February 1, 2013

First Images and Trailer from the Italian Production Zombie 3D

No, someone has not post-converted Lucio Fulci's gut-munching classic Zombie into 3D.  Instead, Italian filmmaker Gianluca Petrazzi is venturing out of the world of stunts (where he is best known) to helm a film called Zombie 3D, a horror-actioner being shot in Rome.

A rough translation of the synopsis goes like this: In a not too far future, an unknown virus turns human beings into zombie fighters. HWU (Human World Union) is an army trained to fight this terrible plague spreading all over the planet. During the return of the troops from another battle zone, a radio signal is picked up by Locust 1 - assault units of the Alfa division - that seems to say "Go back to pick us up." This will force the six men of the Locust 1, back to hell from which they just escaped, disobeying orders.  But what they thought they knew was only the tip of an iceberg, waiting for them, not only their missing comrades, but the root of evil itself; will they be able to escape it?
Head inside for some images!

For more pics, head to Splatter Container!


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