Friday, February 1, 2013


About The GmaeSpookville, Oregon is a quaint, picturesque town with just one tiny problem… it's infested with Zombies!
An entertaining take on the horror shooting genre, Zombie Typomaniac is a fast paced arcade game, that pitches your typing skills and lightning quick reflexes against hordes of offbeat and deadly zombies.
A compelling test of nerves and skill, your aim is to rid the town of it's Zombie infestation once and for all. But you'll need all the help you can get, from a variety of health and weapon drops, to clear through the 28 levels and 5 additional boss zombies/
Gameplay modes include a compelling story mode plus a special "survival mode" for the real killer elite.
Fast paced arcade shooter with an entertaining and engaging gameplay mechanic. Lock & load! Type to shoot!
28 fun packed levels in story mode, unlimited challenges in "survival mode"
5 bugged-out boss levels to clear through.
Dynamic gameplay sees the challenge adapt to match up with your skill level
Numerous power-ups and health bonuses to pick up and use throughout.
Unlock or buy up-to 20 outfits to be the best dressed zombie hunter in town.

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