Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blood Collector game has you guiding zombies to the death chamber

A new puzzle-platformer has made the trip to Google Play called Blood Collector. Developed by Cistern Cats, this is sort of one of those hidden gems you happen to find on Google Play. Blood Collector has a Lemmings type of feel to it in some ways, mainly because the zombies just keep on walking in one direction unless something happens to change that.
The goal in Blood Collector is to collect the needed amount of blood in each level by guiding the zombies to the giant blade that is spinning, which chews them up into little pieces. The zombie's blood is them collected and that is used for something, we're guessing to find a cure. While each stage has a goal to meet, if you don't meet that goal you can still progress to the next stage, but you won't have a perfect 3-star score.
Some levels have additional limitations as well, such as using a single action to ensure the zombies run instead of walk off a cliff, which inadvertently has the zombies missing a bed of spikes. Doing this will then have all three zombies reach the blade, get chopped up and harvested for their blood, instead of losing one or two zombies to the spikes. There are different types of actions that game be forced onto the zombies, each costing some energy that you are allotted in each stage.
There are four difficulties in Blood Collector, each one being unlocked by completing the previous difficultly level. The stages do get quite hard in the later stages and require some thinking to complete. Blood Collector is free to download and play, and does include optional IAPs as well. However, those IAPs seem not to be enabled just yet as there doesn't seem to be any appearing in the game right now.

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