Friday, June 12, 2015

My First Zombie Plush For The Kiddies!

Those who are interested in preparing their young children for a zombie apocalypse or who just might want to have a "conversation piece" sofa pillow, may be interested in Toy Vault’s My First Zombie Plush Figure (MSRP $24.99), which is slated to ship in July.

While it is just as soft and cushy as any shambling corpse, My First Zombie is mercifully devoid of the gooey excretions and the compelling desire to eat brains.  Best of all—no refrigeration is required for this bizarrely lovable figure that is made from soft plush and safety-approved for ages 3+ in spite of being the living dead.

Future historians surveying the pop culture detritus of this current decade may well conclude that the dominant "meme" of pop culture in the "teens" was the "zombie."  If so, don’t be surprised if My First Zombie is included in some future history book as an example of how far-reaching and inclusive this cult of the undead really was.

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