Friday, June 26, 2015

Kirkman Says Fear The Walking Dead Is Not A Prequel Series

Don’t call Fear The Walking Dead a prequel, so says Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.
Kirkman, who executive produces both Fear The Walking Dead andThe Walking Dead, clarified in a recent interview that the spinoff series will run concurrently with the main series’ early seasons.
“I will say that I don’t consider this show to be a prequel to The Walking Dead, because there will be a point where a certain episode of this show will line up with season 2 of The Walking Dead, and a certain episode of this show will line up with season 3 of The Walking Dead," Kirkman said. "So we will be progressing through time to the point that we do pass the initial days of the outbreak. But how fast it is that we get there? That’s just going to have to remain a mystery.”
But Fear The Walking Dead’s events will begin before Rick Grimes awakens from his coma on the east coast. As Kirkman revealed, the zombie outbreak will have just started in the series’ opening episodes, but humanity won't connect the dots until it’s too late.
“If you think about the way a zombie outbreak would happen, it would happen very organically. It would be happening for a while behind the scenes. In pockets of civilization, there would be news stories that didn’t really make sense and didn’t seem connected,” Kirkman toldEntertainment Weekly. “And that’s kind of where we pick things up. There are a lot of things on the news, there’s a lot of chatter and paranoia and concern. And yet the vast majority of the population is ignoring these things and talking about their daily lives, and that’s kind of where we pick things up. And things ramp up very quickly from there.”
So there you have it, folks. While Fear The Walking Dead will start before the events of The Walking Dead, it sounds like it will eventually catch up.

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