Friday, June 12, 2015

Tonight on Zombiepalooza Radio 6/12/15

Zombiepalooza Radio Live is bringing HORROR to its Friday Night Line Up 6-12-15 Show Time Starts 8pm EST – 1 am.

Getting us rolling for our first hour we have J G Faherty, Author of “Carnival of Fears”

In our second hour, we bring you Thomas Drago, author of “ Queensboro”

In our third hour it's Jeff Littorno, Author of "Soul Hostage"

In our fourth hour, we talk with Tony Sarrecchia, Author of “Harry Strange: In The Stones of Solomon”

Rounding out our fifth and final hour for show we will be talking with Charles G. Morgan, Author of “The Hangman's Lullaby and Other Horrors: Special Edition”

Zombiepalooza Radio It's Infectious! 

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