Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kickstarted Project: Zombie Apocolypse Laser Tag

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About this project

The plan to make this experience the closest to being in the actual situation as possible. Who hasn't dreamt of tearing up a hoard of zombie like Darryl Dixon and Rick Grimes?
To make this experience possible the costume quality of my employees must be as close to life like as possible. The Laser Guns cannot seem like you are picking up a toy in your sons room, it must feel like a gun you need to keep you life alive with. This is not for everyone. This is for the people that love to be thrilled. 
The surrounding must feel like a place that is similar to a what we have all seen. A prison, a camp, a trip in the woods. I have yet to set my mind on the setting but something in that realm.  
Along with the apocalypse laser tag, There will be a rest area with arcade games and a screening room where there will be playing shows and movies that are zombie related. There will also be a food and drink area. 
The Zombie Apocolypse Laser Tag will be available to people 13+ but after 9p.m. the age limit goes to 18+

Risks and challenges

The biggest obstacle for this project will be the cosmetic aspect. Making it all feel real. With my creativity and resourcefulness it will prove as a struggle but in the long run it will be worth it. My customers will leave with an unforgettable experience and thrill that they will crave more and more of.

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