Saturday, June 13, 2015

Zombie March 6/20/15 Chicago IL

It's that time again, zombies!

We are having another zombie march in June

The rules are very simple: dress and be made up as a zombie and just shamble and act like one.

We will all meet at Millennium Park by the bean at 3:30pm central time and take it from there.

The last few years we have walked to the tribune center then to Daley Plaza, back to Millennium Park and if we still have able body zombies left, we will head over to abc7 news station for the 5pm show.

Please as a rule of courtesy please don't bother patrons (haunt rules: don't touch patrons and they wont bother you)

Also please be mindful of the city and dont smear/spill blood on the sidewalks and store/restaurant windows ( we can get sued and possibly banned from the city)

If folks want their makeup done, Colleen Jones and David Lasley are available to take appointments. (just message them)

If you don't have the time to make an appointment, don't worry!

We will have a crew of zombie makeup artists to zombify you up(for a fee)!
Makeup will be taking place at the Chicago Hostellis (address and room number TBA)

More details will come as the march gets closer and closer.

We are in the middle of working on a makeup crew for the march

If you or someone you know is interested in doing makeup, message me Colleen Jones or David Lasley for more info (make sure you include a link to some pics)

So start those undead gears a rolling folks!

Keep up to date with the Chicago zombie march on Facebook/Chicago zombie march and twitter@chizombiemarch

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