Friday, June 26, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse: Last Human Standing Male or Female?

If the Zombie Apocalypse happened tomorrow, who out of your friends would be on your asskicking dream team? If you listed all dudes, you might not do well.

Have you ever wondered what gender would survive a zombie apocalypse?

After some profound studies it seems that women are biologically built to survive these things.  Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be… They always carry the necessary tools and you should consider having them as an ally at the first sight of the undead...

1) They have bobby pins. 
You know how in every movie you could use some pins to open a locked door? Well girls have a whole bag of bobby pins to open locked doors or even highjack parked cars.

2) Lipstick is precious!
It’s a fact that people leave messages in case they want to warn other people. Women could write a whole novel using their lipstick. They could also draw a trap if they want to ambush people with supplies.

3) Hairspray for the win.
You only need a lighter and you have a hot, killing machine that can burn any zombie.

4) They have nail files
If you train properly, nail files can become the ultimate weapon. Either you throw them like darts or simply stick it to them, they will undoubtedly do their job.

5) They have hair ties!
Want to stop a bleeding wound? Did you run out of bullets and want to make a slingshot? Well you can use a hair tie for this and much much more.

6) Pads and Tampons.
For some weak dudes they might be gross, but these things can come in handy when you are all out of bandages.

7) The Bling Bling.
Women constantly have rings, bracelets or necklaces that can be turned into the perfect weapon if used properly.

8) Paranoia at its best!
Girls tend to be alert and always rely on their gut feeling when it comes to relationships. They somehow know if you are cheating on them and they constantly keep that sense activated. That will surely come in handy if a zombie chick is close by.

9) They learn from a young age how to handle traditional skills
In our sexist worlds we know that women are traditionally trained to cook, to sew, or to garden. These skills are absolutely important if you want to survive a long period of time.

10) And of course they have high heels!
If they want to stab a zombie in the face, they wear the appropriate weapons.

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