Sunday, November 18, 2012



The scenario was:
You're at home with your family; you just finished dinner and you're all watching the television when the unthinkable happens, an announcer cuts in to tell everyone of a confirmed zombie outbreak on the opposite side of town. Before he can tell you more all electrical devices stop simultaneously. Smoke is coming from your UPS and desktop PC. Looking out the window you see the power lines are arcing out and every vehicle in sight has stopped dead in its tracks. Even your daughter's Kindle is smoking.
What just happened and what are you going to do?

Shawn's winning response:
This is definitely an EMP. It was an ill-fated attempt to take out the Zombies. My house now becomes my castle. I check all the doors and windows to ensure they are locked. I move my washer and dryer to block my back door. I get my screw gun out and take off all my kitchen cabinet doors and screw them over the windows. All interior doors are also used to help block low level windows. My wife and kids are gathering the candles and setting up a safe area to light them where the light wont show to anyone outside. I tell one of my kids to fill up the bathtubs to the top (drinking and bathing water) I gather all my guns and ammo and arrange them and check them. I go to the garage and get the small camping stove so that we can warm up food. I further barricade any door or window with piles of furniture. I then move all the beds into one room(if possible) so that I can keep an eye on everyone. I gather all medical supplies as well, the less movement we need to do around the house the better. I explain to my children and wife that we need to keep as quiet as possible. I would leave small lookout slots in the barricades so that I could keep an eye out on the situation. I also save some interior doors and heavier furniture so that I can barricade the door of the room we are in just in case our house is breached. We hunker down, and wait out the situation as best we can. The best we can do in this situation is to not attract any unnecessary attention.

Your prize is on the way!!

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