Friday, November 9, 2012

Are Blacks Being Oppressed In 'The Walking Dead's Zombie Apocalypse?

Are black people being oppressed during the zombie apocalypse?!
Let me back up for a minute. One of my favorite shows in the world is The Walking Dead. The show takes place in Georgia in a world overrun by biters, walkers, geeks - otherwise known as zombies. 
If you haven't seen the show, you must know it's highly entertaining and every Sunday it takes over the trending topics on Twitter. So now that you have a basic knowledge, let me tell you that a lot of my black friends and colleagues who watch TWD seem to have an issue with the way black folks are treated. 
One of the show's main black characters died. 
Yes, T-Dog got bitten by a zombie and met his demise. This sparked a bit of heartbreak and outrage from the show's black viewers, and one of my friends said he is sensing a theme, or pattern if you will. 
The theme is that of black people sacrifice and interchangeable black faces. And it's hard to refute his point, because as T-Dog became zombie food, they let a new token black guy into the group!
But look, I'm not one of those black folks who have an issue with everything Hollywood does with black people. So when a gang load of black zombies show up inside the prison, I don't bat an eye and get upset. I take it as the show being real as to what is actually going on in life. 

When the lone black guy in the crew's name is T-Dog, I don't wonder what his real name is, I just chalk it up to him being a real n*gga! I get it, it might seem like blacks are getting a raw deal on the show, but this is the zombie apocalypse we are talking about it here. 
It's not like this show is set in the middle of the Civil Rights movement; it's set in the middle of a zombie buffet and everyone is food - Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics and people with faces.
The ideas that zombies are racist because they eat black people and a new one shows up is insane. 
But for every T-Dog, there are more Blacks on the show like Morgan and Dwayne; a strong black father who is taking care of his son and just can't get up the strength to kill his zombified wife.
The new season of TWD has a black female doctor who hangs out with the Governor, and Michonne who singlehandedly kept one of the strongest women on the show alive by herself. 
We should be lucky that black people are alive in the Zombie Apocalypse, because let's be honest, if zombies were to overrun the world, do we really think there would be an influx of blacks? 


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