Thursday, November 8, 2012



As our standard Zombie SAK (Survival Assistance Kit) the Trekker Kit is designed to get you started on your new life after the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie SAK Backpack 
Zombie SAK Water Bottle 
3 Day Ration 
6 Water Pouches 
5 Water Purification Tablets 
Thermal Blanket 
Kukri Knife 
6 in 1 Multi Tool/Chow Set 
29 Essential Survival Kit 
Magnesium Flint 
Zombie Survival Guide


There are moans slowly rising from down the street slowly getting louder and louder.  Every tv is your home is blaring warnings and all of the radio broadcasts have been replaced by urgent reports from the CDC.  There isn't any time to think about what you're doing all that you can do is act.
You are one of the lucky ones though.  Last December your aunt got you a zombie survival kit from Zombie SAK.  You didn't think much of it at the time.  The kit itself has been sitting in your closet and the aluminum Zombie SAK water bottle is on your kitchen counter. You rush into your room, grab the zombie survival kit and snag the Zombie SAK water bottle on your way out the door.
It doesn't matter what you call it, bug out bag, 72-hour kit, GO bag, get out of dodge kit, the Zombie SAK is the survival kit that you need to have ready in the event of a zombie emergency.  Our kits are designed to have the basics to cover a single person with essential supplies for three day and tools that are needed for extended survival.
We currently offer a single zombie survival kit, the Zombie SAK - Trekker Kit.  This kit is the perfect kit for the person that really wants to be ready, including rations, water, zombie survival guide, and other key items.

Our products are designed with survival in mind and include real rations, water and purification supplies.  Because they are intended for real use in the outdoors they may also contain knives and survival tools, These may be sharp and should always be handled with care and in accordance with local laws and regulations.
In any disaster situation you should always follow instructions of local law enforcement and emergency responders.  By purchasing our products you agree that you are over 18 and legally allowed to possess the items that we offer.  You also agree not to injure people, animals or properly unless you are legally within your rights.  When dealing with zombies you will need to contact local authorities for proper usage.
We accept no responsibility for misuse of our products.

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