Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Female Wrestlers Kick Zombie Ass in 'From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl'

Watch out Japan: looks like you’ve got serious competition as the leading exporter of cartoonish, gore-strewn, sexed-up, low-budget exploitation. Yep – Australia’s catching up with you. We’ve had Monstro!, aka El Monstro Del Mar, the Russ Meyer-flavoured bad girl creature feature, whose director Stuart Simpson will be interviewed here in the near future; we’ve had (in trailer form, at least) the roller derby splatter flick Murderdrome; and now 2013 promises to deliver From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl, a long-in development action-horror that pits – wait for it – female wrestlers against zombies.
There’s really nothing else that need be said to sell this, is there…? Well, if you do need to read a little more, here’s a bit of the press release (with thanks to Dread Central):
“When we began casting in 2007, we didn’t expect 6 years of our lives to be consumed by this film,” says writer, co-producer and director Daniel Armstrong. “We’ve come through some very dark days, but we’re extremely proud of the fact we persisted and of the end result.”
From inception FROM PARTS UNKNOWN was an ambitious no budget film. Featuring a female wrestler protagonist, zombie-like enemies spawned from a video game, an offbeat mix of black humor and slapstick shenanigans, plus plenty of spectacular gore, it was distinctly pitched at a niche market from the outset (…)
FROM PARTS UNKNOWN stars Jenna Dwyer, Elke Osadnik, Ross Ditcham, Josh Futcher, and Sarah Howett and features an original score by KidCrusher. It was produced by Strongman Pictures Entertainment in association with PCWe (Pro Championship Wrestling Entertainment).
FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL is expected to have its first screenings in Melbourne next year and will seek distribution in available markets throughout 2013. 
Enjoy the trailer below, and find out more at the official Facebook page.

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