Sunday, November 11, 2012


Stunned, shocked by zombie apocalypse

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to Orangeville Mayor Rob Adams. It was also sent to other members of council, as well as The Banner.

Mr. Adams,

I was completely stunned by the article in the Nov. 1 Banner declaring that “Zombie apocalypse is among us. Let's celebrate.”

I can't believe that the city has approved and that the paper is promoting this disgusting zombie parade.
I am writing to express my extreme repugnance at this glorification of morbidity, and my disappointment of The Banner's decision to grace its front page with the article and particularly disgusting picture, where so many Orangeville children would be sure to see it.

Personally, I had breathed a sigh of relief to be finished with Halloween for the year, and was looking forward to being able to once again take my children with me on errands without having them frightened by ghoulish sights and bloody merchandise. (I will make mention in particular of the severed and bloody limbs with which the dollar store sees fit to line its shelves.)

I am horrified by the idea that our culture is so celebratory of death that we choose to rename our city “Little Town Gone Deadville” for the day, and that this is considered a family event. In what is a more telling statement than Mr. Brodeur realizes, he remembers that “when [he] was younger, we [as a culture] were afraid of zombies,” but that “everybody is into it these days ... If the apocalypse ever happens I think we're going to be so welcoming to it, we'll be in trouble.”
I don't find this amusing in the slightest. This is a sign of a culture gone sadly astray from the Christian values on which it was founded.

How tremendously horrible this will be for those who are mourning family members at the funeral home on First Street this weekend?

The Banner article states that the perpetrators of this parade will “terrorize Broadway,” and to “just have a good time scaring the town.... It's just like the Santa Claus parade.” 


Just because Mr. Brodeur is labouring under the impression that his “enthusiasm for the undead” is spreading like a "[contagion] throughout town," does not mean that all of Orangeville's denizens are similarly afflicted, nor, indeed, we wish to be. 

He may have come across “only one Christian” who doesn't want to participate in “anything demonic,” but I can assure you that there is something slanted about his focus group. 
There is most decidedly more than one Christian who will be heading to Brampton for shopping rather than supporting our local businesses.

Kristina Hankyle,
Orangeville, Ontario

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