Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Author: John E Normal
Synopsis: Australia is a vast open country, blackened and decaying, and now more dangerous than it ever was. The population barely survived the first wave of the plague, then the rest of the world dumped their undead in Darwin. Soon after the entire country was crawling with flesh eating foreigners. Australia's citizens fled to New Zealand and Australia was left behind as the Land Down Undead. 

Over the years the military have created a few safe zones and begun rebuilding the nation. The burgeoning zombie tourism industry is creating jobs to attract people to return home. Young backpackers want to see the undead up-close for themselves. It is the world's most sought out adventure holiday tour: from the beaches to the outback, drinking beer, getting laid and killing zombies. Whether you want to join a guided tour or go-it-alone, this backpacker's guidebook will show you everything the Land Down Undead has to offer.

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