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ACE THE ZOMBIE: THE MOTION PICTURE is an Award Winning new Zombie Comedy  starring Mark Drum, Sarah Simmons Turner and a host of extremely talented and funny people. With your support WE CAN GO GLOBAL.


Back from the dead and hungry as hell!

Z Day is here and the undead have risen. A military experiment gone horribly wrong...a zombie apocalypse...then ZOM-CALM! A revolutionary drug from the World Health Organization makes the undead docile enough to join the American workforce. Allen Christopher Edwards, our unlikely hero, gets taken advantage of by everyone from his boss and co-workers to his girlfriend Brenda...until one fateful afternoon. When Ace is bitten and captured by the Zombie Control Force he learns of a secret plot by the evil Keeper Ellis to rid the world of all zombies. The lives(?) of all American undead, and the fate of entire world, depends on one man: Ace The Zombie.
THE MOVIE IS FINISHED.  And we're mighty damn proud of it.  It's scary, it's funny and not the least bit PC. It's got AMAZING PERFORMANCES and crisp, state-of-the-art HD cinematography by Rory Gordon, classic sound effects from famous films of the 30's - 80's supplied by Hollywood Sound Designer Steve Lee, hard rock, heavy metal and a MAJORLY IMPRESSIVE ORCHESTRAL SCORE Composed by Rotem Moav and Adam Fligsten and Conducted by Paul Scanling.
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MARK DRUM as Alan Christopher Edwards - Ace The Zombie (and Visual FX Artist). His many performances include Fighting Angels: The Series (2010), To See Her Move (2010), Amazing Action Girls (2011) and of course his LEAD role in Ace the Zombie: The Motion Picture (2012).  Just how good is he?  Let's put it this way: Mark's character arc is so big Noah could have loaded it with two of every kind of animal.  And his hair is perfect.
SARAH SIMMONS TURNER as Colleen Wells, Research Scientist.  Sarah teaches comedy improv and serves as Dean of Relapse University. She began her acting carreer at age three on the children’s program, The Uncle Al Show and has starred in many films including Escape the Day(2013), The Hanging Man (2013), Communist Robot Aliens (2012), The Pigman from the Lake(2012), Crucible (2012), Stomping Grounds (2013) and she's a reoccuring character on the International television drama, Idle Times.  She's also kind to animals.
TORYAH PUGH as Brenda, Ace's Girlfriend.  Toryah is an accomplished singer, song writer and stage actress.  Contrary to her Brenda character, Toryah isn't mean at all.  But I'd hate for her to be mad at me.  Just sayin.
BRANDON S. N. BUTLER as Jessie, Ace's Best Friend.  Brandon is an actor. guitarist. kaizen addict, and all around funny guy.  His projects include Heirloom (2012), Uncanny X (2012), he is currently filming A Tell-Tale Mind and was just cast in the upcoming short film After Glow. He also wants to invite you to the "gun show", baby.
JEVOCAS GREEN as Keeper Ellis, Head of the Zombie Control Force (and SFX Artist). Among his many artistic endeavors, Java performs "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" every Friday night at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta.   He also recently finished season 2 of Money Power Respect, and Season 2 of Fighting Angels the Series. Java is the owner of Jymeni Productions, co-owner of 9-COP FX and Promotions and is currently scaring it up at Netherworld Haunted House.
DAN DIAZ as Stanley, Henchman to Keeper Ellis.  If you were lucky enough to see Richard Hempton's 2007 cult favorite Big Mistake, you'll remember Dan as Little Ed, a very scary guy.  Though he's the nicest guy you're likely to meet, he sure plays a good bad guy.  And he has THE coolest facial hair.
ONDIE DANIEL as News Anchor Carrianne DeBeers. You may have seen Ondie on The Vampire Diaries (2010), Money, Power and Respect (2010), Fighting Angels: The Series (TV series) (2008 - 2011) just to name a few. She also owns the TFP Agency, co-owns 9-COP FX and Promotions, and was Producer and Head of SFX Makeup on Ace The Zombie.  When does she find time to sleep?  I suspect Ondie might be a vampire.
KEVIN JAMAL WOODS as News Anchor Bud Hugley (and PA).  Kevin came in during crew interviews to be a Production Assistant, which is good, you need good Production Assistants.  That was until we found out he played Stymie in Penelpe Spheeris' 1994 The Little Rascals.  Kevin is one funny guy.  And you should see his "Thriller" dance.
SHAE ROBERTS as News Anchor Joe King (and PA).  Shae showed up at the crew interviews hoping to be a Production Assistant, so we let him.  But he had us all laughing so hard we got him to read for a few parts too.  Good thing we did, dear God this man is funny.  And he wears Old Spice.


Greetings.  My name is Giles Shepherd, also known as The DeVille.  In 1999 I joined  Atlanta production company One Take Productions to learn about film and video.  Over the years I've made several short films and videos and done practically every job on a movie set.  I also enjoy syncing classic rock records to classic films.  (Like The Dark Side Of The Moon meets The Wizard Of Oz (see SyncMovies.com).  I love all of the great directors, but my three greatest influences are George A. Romero, Kevin Smith and Tim Burton.  (go figure)  I love movies and have always wanted to direct.  Ace The Zombie is my first feature film.


Come out, come out wherever you are.

We made Ace The Zombie for fans like you.
"Awesome", "Ace Rocks", "Cult Classic".  That's what we've been hearing at the Festivals and Conventions.  We've screened at Sci-Fi Summer Con, Days Of The Dead Atlanta, RoundCon Film Festival and several others, winning for Best Feature at Ancient City Con Film Festival and Best Local Feature at Atlanta Horror Film Festival. Upcoming special screenings include Spooky Empire in Florida, MonsterCon in South Carolina and the Plaza Theatre here in Atlanta.
Here we are at the recent Plaza Theatre event. From left: Mark Drum, Jevocas Green, Giles Shepherd, Keith Merritt and Dan Diaz

We think all the zombie fans in the world deserve a chance to see Ace The Zombie, don't you? Your generous support will help make that happen.

"An enjoyable, refreshing, and innovative twist on the modern zombie. Highly recommended!" ~Dave Harlequin, Stiff Magazine

"I’ve seen plenty of low budget zombie films but this was truly the first one I’ve seen of this caliber".  ~John C. Farris, DeadBuriedAndBack.com

 Film Festival Laurels



Help us get Ace The Zombie into Movie Theaters Worldwide.

Yes! It's really happening! The hard work of a couple hundred really talented and dedicated folks is about to be seen by the WORLD! Sebastian Twardosz of Circus Road Films loves Ace The Zombie and has agreed to represent us to the top 50 distribution companies; Warner Brothers, MGM, Universal, Lionsgate...he knows them all. Be sure to check out the true bad-asses of the indie film distribution scene, Circus Road Films.
We have the best Indie Film Distribution Company IN THE WORLD just dying to get Ace The Zombie into Theaters, Netflix, Red Box, Cable TV, VOD, Airlines and friggin OCEAN LINERS.  So with all this going for us what else could we possibly need?


What We Need & What You Get.

We need $20,000 to complete our Pre-Distribution Checklist, a paltry sum in the film world. Hell, that's not even the catering bill on your average Hollywood film. Here's what you'll be helping us get done:
  • A Dolby Certified 5.1 Theater Surround mix,
  • Music and Effects only tracks so it can be dubbed into foreign languages,
  • A Subtitles Transcript with the Time Code so the dialog can be translated,
  • Legal Fees for the Contract Negotiations and Errors and Omissions Insurance.
In return for your generous support we've got some SENSATIONAL SWAG for you.  Just take a look over on the right side of the page and you'll see.  You can read the script for only $1.00. Own this great Indie film on DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Download WAY before anyone else in the world. These are Limited Editions only available to our IndieGoGo Supporters. Later on there'll be "official release" versions, but not like these. Once they're gone no more will be made.
You can also own the Exclusive Set of 10 Limited Edition Lobby Cards that are only for our IndieGoGo Backers, the Hungry Clown Movie Poster, and Ace The Zombie Tee Shirts. Or how about a Special Thanks Movie Credit, Dinner with the Director, or even an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit.
==> Check out the AWESOME LIMITED EDITION REWARDS over on the right and claim yours now.

Here's the INDIEGOGO-BACKER-ONLY Limited Edition DVD


INDIEGOGO-BACKER-ONLY Limited Edition Lobby Cards

Zombie Control Force Lobby Card
11 x 17 Limited Edition Zombie Control Force Lobby Card

River Powers Lobby Card
11 x 17 Limited Edition Dr. River Powers Lobby Card (One of the set of ten)


Spread The Word.

Some people just can’t contribute, I understand.  Ask anyone that worked on the production and they'll tell you I didn't have five dollars most of the time.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Equally as important to contributions is getting the word out, so
  • Please help us get the word out and MAKE SOME NOISE ABOUT ACE THE ZOMBIE!
  • Tell your friends. Post about us on Zombie Walk boards, Convention sites, Facebook groups, everywhere you can,  You can make the difference.
  • Remember, Sharing is Caring, so please be sure to use the Indiegogo share tools! And SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
Your Backing and help getting the word out makes a HUGE difference. Thank you for your support

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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