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ht Zombie kb 121026 wblog App of the Week:  Make A Zombie 2
Image credit: Skunk Brothers
App Name: Make A Zombie 2
Price: Free
Available Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This app requires iOS 4.3 or later.
What does this app do? Blood down the side of the mouth, pale and sallow skin, dark circles like inverted half moons under the eyes, maybe even a knife protruding out from a crusty, worm-eaten cheek—really, when you sit down and imagine what makes a zombie look like a zombie, you have a grab bag of options. And now, app developers Skunk Brothers provide even more possibilities for you to design your idea of this walking-dead monster with their latest release of a mix and match app called Make a Zombie 2.
For those of you that missed the previous release, Make A Zombie, this new version, released earlier this month, allows you to create your own zombie by selecting from a variety of features and outfits.
At the start screen, the app presents your canvas–a squat, wide-eyed character against a plain backdrop ready for zombifying. From your iPhone or iPod Touch, tap the arrow on the top right of the screen to peruse outfits and features. Select the icon for hair, for example, and a second row of tiles below displays a handful of choices—long and stringy to short and nubby. You can change the background by tapping on the square tile in the top row of buttons, and then choosing between several colors and textures presented in the second row.
Once you’ve outfitted your zombie, name and save it, tweet it or post it to Facebook by tapping on a button on the bottom left. The app also allows you to save your zombie to a gallery, wherein you can see all of your brains-eating creations displayed in glass jars. For additional features, you can purchase “zombie packs” from the in-app store, such as the Halloween Pack, or the Pirate Zombie Pack, by selecting the shopping cart icon.
Is it easy to set up? Yes, download it from the App Store, but keep in mind it is optimized for iOS 5.
Should I try it? This is all fun. You won’t be challenged, you won’t learn a new word, and you won’t score points or excel to another level. You will, however, get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy designing your very own zombies, maybe even legions of them! The two drawbacks to this app were the ads displayed at the bottom of the screen, and, unlike the previous Make A Zombie version, this one is not available yet for Android.

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