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A children's book written for zombies and their little undead, written by Dan and Amelia Jacobs. Illustrated by Scott Brundage.
A Brain is For Eating is a book for zombie children that  teaches the little walking undead how to find their next meal. BRAINS!!!
We're self-publishing the book and need your help. Pre-order your copy of A Brain is For Eating and check out our other delicious rewards. 
Thanks for your help!


A Brain is For Eating is being illustrated by the very talented Scott Brundage. Please check out his portfolio to see more great work.

The Story

A brain is for eating
yes, that's what I said.
They come in all sizes
and hide in the "head."
The package is different
some big and some small.
Some packing has two brains
and some none at all.
There are packages in boxes
that move on fast wheels. 
But find one not moving
and you'll have many meals 
If the package is old and lying in bed
you may not have long to make it undead.
But if it is young
and able and true,
it will taste that much sweeter
when its running is through.
So remember these rules
and follow the lead
of your big zombie brothers
when its time for the feed.
1) When hunting for packages
just say with a roar
its "braaaaains" you are after
and you always want "moooooore."
2) Always practice fine habits
when slurping your sup
and announce to the world
when your feasting is up (belch)
3) Though brains is our diet
don't waste but a sliver.
Enjoy heart, spleen, and lungs
both kidneys and liver.
4) Sharing is caring
so give what you snatch
to zombies less able
to bag a fine catch. (Zombies with no legs)
[This is just the first 2/3 of the book. We've finished writing the book and we'll be releasing additional lines and illustrations as the campaign continues.]


Authors: Dan and Amelia Jacobs.
Dan is a writer and filmmaker. His wife, Amelia, is an educator and artist. They are the two brains behind A Brain is For Eating. Dan also directed the Kickstarter video which we hope you enjoyed. The two will continue to be involved throughout the creation of this book until it's printed, published and in your hands. 
Illustrations: Scott Brundage  
Scott is an incredible artist with and an eye for monsters and zombies. He has already finished the first five illustrations for A Brain is For Eating and is eager to get going on 15 more along with the cover art for the book. He is currently creating illustrations for the world's top magazines and publications. He began working professionally while studying at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia after winning a children’s helmet design contest. His helmet design was later created and sold by Bell Helmets nationwide. More recently, Scott won a prestigious Silver award in Spectrum Fantastic Art 18. 
Design, Promotions and Publishing: Pale Dot Voyage 
David Littlejohn is the founder and creative director of Pale Dot Voyage, a digital bakery that specializes in design, marketing and mobile development. They partner with entrepreneurs and artists to build and launch ideas on the web and to the world. David and the Pale Dot Voyage team will be handling the final design and layout of the book, creating the website and marketing materials and getting the word out online. They'll also be organizing the printing and publishing of the physical book and digital versions. 
Printer: We are still seeking a qualty print partner. If you are interested in printing the finished version of A Brain is For Eating, please contact us.


The book is already written. And we have a rock star team on board to help create and promote the book. Since this is our first time self-publishing, we feel our biggest challenge will be securing a quality printer and making sure the finished product meets our high standards and vision. We want the book to have a high production value, but we're also trying to keep costs down and share the savings with you, which is always a challenge with self-publishing.
If we are lucky enough to get a higher volume of pre-orders than expected the shipping and handling of each book might take longer than expected. In that case we might need to seek a shipping and order fulfillment partner, which we have not yet secured.
As far as our rewards are concerned, we have not yet created the limited-run A Brain is For Eating diagram poster or the limited-run, handmade plush kid zombie doll. We will post the progress we are making on the creation of those as soon as we can. But we're pretty sure they're going to be sweet.
We'd love to get your thoughts, feedback and advice along the way. Thanks for your support. BRAINS!!!

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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